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About Cyprus


Being a jewel in the Mediterranean Sea is why Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist destinations and an incredibly diverse place to live.

Whether you are looking for a holiday home or somewhere permanent to live, Cyprus has everything you could possibly need.

Cyprus stands at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe, one of the most ancient and traditional sea routes of the world and is a member of the EU with the Euro as its currency. With over 9,000 years of history, Cyprus has an overwhelming cultural heritage and you will find ancient monuments, the remains of vast city-kingdoms, Roman villas, Byzantine churches and monasteries, crusader castles and magnificent Venetian fortifications.

For sun lovers, the islands blue flag beaches offer some of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the Mediterranean.  Adding to that the spectacular Troodos Mountains, making Cyprus one of the few places on Earth where you can enjoy sun bathing on the beach in the morning, followed by a tasty mezze lunch, skiing in the afternoon and a game of golf the next day!

Cyprus is an island of amazing diversity, famous for its legends and history, its timeless traditions, delightful cuisine and stunning scenery. Its cosmopolitan towns and resorts offer a lifestyle as sophisticated as that of any modern European city; a place that truly has it all.


Reasons why Cyprus is a good place to live:


1. Member of EU and EMU, meaning:

  • Safe environment
  • You can easily live and work here (all you need is your passport or ID)
  • Eurocurrency: exchange rate risk eliminated
  • Price transparency across Europe
  • Lower costs of living
  • Encourages Foreign Direct Investment opportunities in the priority economic growth sector
  • Lowest EU corporate tax rates (Cyprus has a wide network of Double Tax agreements ensuring that the same income is not taxed in more than one country)
  • Low taxes on pension, dividends, capital and gains
  • Zero Inheritance Tax




2. High standards of education at schools and Universities

3. Highly qualified and multilingual labour force

4. Efficient legal, accounting and banking services

5. Very good standards of health care with English speaking medical staff

6. Very high and comfortable standard of living with a slower pace of lifestyle, hence very low stress levels

7. Cyprus is one of the most competitive shipping centres in the world, in terms of registration fees and taxes

8. A very attractive location for foreign investments since it is the point of exchange between three continents

cyprus_map9. Perfect gateway for businesses to penetrate new markets

10. Easy access to the island (over 1100 scheduled flights per week, 33 international airlines connect Cyprus with Europe, Asia and Africa. Approximately 70 shipping lines include Cyprus in their regular schedules to and from the five continents

11. Advanced telecommunications network and infrastructure- easy access from one city to another with hardly any traffic queues – and we drive on the left!

12. Very low crime rates

13. Sunshine approximately 320 days a year: offering the possibility to sunbathe, swim, sail or play golf all year round

14. Lower property prices compared to Western Europe

15. Rich in historical monuments, arts, culture, gastronomy and wine

16. EU blue flag beaches

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