Citizenship & Permanent Residency

The Country of Cyprus, due to several cultural and geographical factors, has always been the ideal access point to Europe for Middle Eastern and Asian families and businesses. Having become an established member of the EU in 2004, the Cypriot Government has made Cyprus a more desirable option for those wishing to establish a permanent residence in Europe.

For those whose focus is more on having access to any of the currently 27 member countries of the European Union, several categories of residence have been devised to cater to a variety of individuals and their families. The most suitable of these categories for high net worth individuals and families who wish to establish a permanent residence in Cyprus without having to remain on the Island for any lengthy duration is the Category F Visa.

Category F Visa is a permanent resident status issued to individuals and families who purchase a property for €300,000 or more and who can prove that they have a source of income from businesses outside Cyprus.

For those who require a full EU Passport, purchasing property (whether a single luxury residence or a portfolio of investment or personal property) for €2.0 million will provide a solution for the applicant, spouse and children

The service includes:

  • Providing excellent property investment stock and individual bespoke homes with a view to either using the property or renting it
  • Providing legal counsel to handle the property purchase contract and the Category F Visa or Passport application
  • Providing assistance with banks
  • Providing after sales services including turnkey furnishing and equipping of the property as well as rentals, maintenance, and management

The normal procedure:

  • Visits arranged to identify the most suitable property and investment
  • Meeting directly with the Developer and Associates to confidentially coordinate the needs and specific requirements of the applicant
  • Preparation a sales agreements incorporating payment terms which ensure the commitment of both parties
  • Preparing all ‘Category F Visa application’ requisite documents by the applicant in home country and sending them to lawyer in order to file application with the immigration authorities
  • Delivery of Visa within 3 months
  • Delivery of property directly thorough the developer and their established sales and customer care teams

Key Points and Benefits:

  • Access to Permanent Residency Visa (non-working but permanent stay status) OR Passport
  • Valid throughout entire European Union – all 27 countries including UK
  • No up-front fees (minor fees (for visa applications and so on) within process but otherwise all fees met within property purchase price)
  • You own property outright as long term asset
  • Can provide excellent rental income
  • Selected developers who are a long established property companies in Cyprus for many years; who are highly professional and able to provide a personal service from start to completion
  • Access to full accountancy and legal support throughout entire process
  • Excellent base for Europe
  • Citizens enjoy the freedom to live, work and travel throughout Europe
  • Cypriot passport holders are entitled to travel visa-free to more than 140 countries
  • Cypriot passport holders can quickly and cost effectively obtain visas for other countries, such as the USA
  • Dual Citizenship is allowed and an effective tool for International tax planning and provides financial privacy
  • Offer an insurance policy against political instability
  • It enables access to the best education and healthcare institutes. British and American Universities
  • Passports are issued within 3 months of application
  • Passports are issued to the Investor, their spouse and dependent children up to the age of 28yrs provided in full time education
  • Excellent Guaranteed Investment Packages available who offer real value and financial returns
  • Uncomplicated application provided paperwork provided
  • No stipulation of language or rules to reside prior to application
  • Excellent Tax System with lowest Corporation in Europe
  • No Inheritance Tax